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Introduction to the Bet Slip

The Bet Slip allows you to make multiple bets on a wide range of sports easily and efficiently. The Bet Slip is located on the right hand side of the screen in the Sports and In-Game sections. As you begin to place your bets, the bet slip will expand showing your current selections, and giving you the option to place bets immediately.

Making a bet

1. Start by selecting your sport and league. Once you have selected your league, Select your Odds. Selected leagues and odds will appear highlighted as shown in figure A1.

2. Upon making your selections, the bet slip will expand showing your current selections and immediately offering you the ability to place your bet. See Figure A2.

3. After selecting your bet type enter the wager amount. Select ADD TO CART for a detailed overview of your bet, or choose the Quick Bet option to place your bet right away. See Figure A3.

4. The bet has been successfully added to the cart. You have the option of changing the wager amount, buying points, or deleting bets. Enter Password and Place Bets to complete your bet. See Figure A4.